Why a Bump on Your Wrist May Be a Cause for Concern

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                 Why a Bump on Your Wrist May Be a Cause for Concern


symptoms of cyst on wrist, causes for bump on wrist, symptoms of ganglion on wrist, bump on wrist, hard lump on wrist feels like bone, causes for lump on wrist, causes of small lump on wrist, Have you noticed these lesions or bumps that appear on the palms, wrists or fingers? We usually tend to blame it on an injury, an insect bite or work-related blisters.

Medical science calls this a hygroma (ganglion cyst) of the wrist. It’s a benign formation that takes the form of a capsule or a cyst. Few people know that such bumps aren’t just an aesthetic blemish: they can pose a real threat to your well-being.


1-Movement Difficulties:

You will experience joint movement difficulties when flexing the fingers or the wrist. This is one of the causes for bumps on the wrist.


2-Skin Peel:

The skin on the bump turns red and begins to peel off. This is another symptom of ganglion on the wrist.


3-Aching Pain:

You will also experience a dull aching pain due to irritation in the surrounding tissues.


4-Skin Sensitivity:

There will be a feeling of increased or decreased skin sensitivity. This is caused as the growing cyst puts pressure on the blood vessels and nerve endings. This is one of the top symptoms of having a cyst on the wrist.



You must never postpone a visit to the doctor when you get a cyst on the wrist, although, there is no risk of this cyst developing into a malignant tumour. While diagnosing hygroma, it does not present any difficulties but it depends on the nature of the symptoms.

You need to consult a surgeon or podiatrist, who can determine the cause of the disease, and take steps towards receiving treatment.


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